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We provide solutions to all your marketing communication needs. Whether you want a one-off technical manual translation or you need a fully comprehensive tailored solution that covers all your communication needs — from the inception of a creative idea to the roll out of a comprehensive marketing campaign — we are here to guide and help you. Moreover, our pan-European network of market specialists is strategically located to deliver your message in whatever form to the relative markets.


We know how to make your brand work. The creative and talented people at Blondé know the markets in which they work and strive to understand the precise needs of your brand.


Often working within a frame — client specifications and brand guidelines — our designers are able to develop solutions that satisfy and stand out from the crowd.


When localizing campaigns, We utilize our knowhow and experience of the different cultures across Europe to ensure that we deliver documentation that is more than just a translation. We ensure that the end product recognizes local sensitivities — as, for example, in adapting graphics, colors, structure, and other details — so it is acceptable in the target market.


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The quality of a translation is of major importance to your brand.


Our translation teams now handle Asian languages — Japanese, Korean, and Mandarin — and Middle Eastern languages such as Arabic and Farsi as well as all the European languages.


We have specialized in translation for more than 50 years.


We cover any kind of documentation, from brochures and pamphlets to technical manuals and websites. We can start in any language and turn the text into another single language or into multiple language offerings. And we can deliver the product in a variety of platforms, including print, digital, on-line or social media.


Our on-line translation memory, which is specifically designed for manuals, enables us not only to lower translation costs, but also to reduce delivery time.


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Blondé manages the multilingual flow of information across geographical, cultural and organisational borders, making it easy to publish and reuse content in different contexts, a variety of display formats and communication channels.


Our multinational pool of cross-platform talents and the global network of hands-on and creative partners deliver on-line and off-line communication that works.


We offer both on-line and off-line products and solutions. Online solutions include websites, e-books and i-brochures, product selector apps, and mobile manuals. Off-line solutions include print on demand and colour management.


Blondé employs an on-line editing platform to make changes in and update content. This enables us to handle changes in originals in real time and translate them into other languages as appropriate. It can also handle product retouching, if and where necessary.




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A dedicated team of accounts, project managers, designers and production experts are an invaluable extension of your marketing, sales and after-sales departments. Supported by the latest Software-as-a-Service tools for collaboration and content management, we deliver brand consistency, cost efficiency and shorter time to market for your communication needs.


We live and breathe your business and, to answer to ever-changing needs, we consistently adapt our own service portfolio.


Blondé challenges marketers to rethink their communication strategy, and supports them in the development, creation and distribution of content that effectively reaches the target audience, in a language that speaks to their minds and hearts, and triggers them into action.


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